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When you decide to purchase a custom-built system, there are three things everyone should do:
  1. Decide what the purpose of the unit is.
  2. Set yourself a realistic budget to fit that purpose.
  3. Shop around, but make sure you compare IDENTICAL system quotes!

A quality, current system including a quality 19 inch widescreen monitor and HP printer should run you around $1,500.00, including taxes. Your system should be based around at least a 2.6GHz processor for that price. If you are concerned about upgradability, be sure to purchase a motherboard based on the latest chipset and socket technology. Finally, try to be realistic in your planning. You aren't going to be happy with a ultra-high-end gaming machine that you only paid $999.99 for. Likewise, don't buy a $3,000.00 word processor. Avoid those $499 and $399 "Internet Specials" at all costs; You will not be happy with your Internet experience, considering all the 'Net has to offer now, including streaming video, audio, and other amazing multimedia! At Forest, we value honesty above all, and so should everyone else! Don't be afraid to ask questions of your salesperson regarding your needs, because that's what they're there for!

Below, you will find advice on individual component selection. Many stores believe in the "Buyer Beware" concept, and they may try to take advantage of one who is less knowledgeable in the computer field. The consumer must be careful in their decisions! Be certain to avoid ILLEGAL situations. If any non-shareware software is pre-loaded on your system, and you don't have a license to use it, IT IS ILLEGAL. OEM software that comes in multi-packs of hardware is the ONLY exception. Software Piracy is everyone's responsibility!

We sincerely hope that this advice will help make your buying decision easier and less stressful. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the information in this document, please feel free to E-Mail us at support@forestcomputers.com. Good luck in your search for a system, and feel free to shop around. We encourage it! :-)