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It is interesting to note that sound cards have changed very little with the passage of time. Creative Labs still remains the de facto sound card manufacturer, and they are our #1 choice in sound. The Sound Blaster 16 PCI provides basic audio functionality, while the SB Live! series provides unmatched reproduction, surround sound, full-duplex capabilities, environmental audio effects, and multiple inputs and outputs. There is also the Creative Audigy series - it is something to behold!

Speakers are something you should spend some time thinking about - do you want something basic that will simply allow standard 2-channel stereo, or do you want a 6-piece digital speaker system that could shake a home to its foundation? We have many different selections at Forest all hooked up and ready to hear. Note here that DVD-audio sounds much, MUCH better with a system that has at least 4 speakers. Most motherboards now come with very respectable sound systems on-board and a separate card is often not even required.