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As we all know, the decision to buy a computer can be a confusing, stressful one. It doesn't have to be that way! All you need is to be armed with some important information to make your computer buying experience very satisfying.

For many buyers, price is the number one consideration. Most want the best "Bang for the Buck." This can be accomplished with superior components as easily as it can be with components of lower quality. Many computer companies try to save $5.00 on a motherboard, $2.00 on a video card, while largely sacrificing quality. Talk to anyone who knows - the headaches and aggrivation just aren't worth the $7.00 you may have saved.

To that end, Forest Computers has provided a complete, impartial Buyer's Guide for anyone to see. Please be aware that all attempts to make this as impartial as possible have been made. It just so happens that the systems we sell already follow all of these guidelines. However, ask anyone who knows computers and they will tell you that what we've got to say is...