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Forest Computers was established in February of 1995, to service a select group of corporations that demanded nothing but the best. Word of our outstanding quality and commitment to service grew, forcing us to open our corporate office at 1111 Henderson Highway, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

In our first ten years of business, we sold countless thousands of quality workstations, servers and peripherals to homes, offices, schools, governments and large corporations. We're proud to say that our customers continue to come back to us because they have come to know that our commitment to quality and service will never change.

In the next ten years and beyond, beginning with our move to our new location at 359G Johnson Avenue West, we continue to provide quality services and systems. Every year, we further renew our commitment to our customers by growing with the changes in technology to keep ourselves on the bleeding edge, where we always have been! We have expanded our service offerings to include AaaS (ANYTHING-as-a-Service) - infrastructure services, networking, monitoring, hosting... Pretty much anything you can think of, we can do. All you need do is ask!

All new business comes to us via referrals exclusively, and for this we remain ever grateful. We will always work hard to ensure that your faith and trust in us is not misplaced. Our reputation is far too valuable to us to ruin.

We cannot stress enough the importance of quality - not only in components, but in service. We're the same price as everyone else, but you can be guaranteed that we'll provide better results on all fronts.

At Forest, our credentials are second to none. We are members of many select partner programs, including Microsoft, Intel, Seagate, Asus, and Samsung, just to name a few. These companies provide us with important, valuable resources that smaller companies simply do not have access to. You can rest assured that you have the full weight of these corporate giants behind us, and thus, behind you as well.

We have a depth and breadth of experience that comes from multiple decades of presence in the industry and have worked directly with many Fortune 500 companies as a result. If they can trust us to handle their needs, we're confident that you'll be pleased as well.

Finally, there is your personal peace-of-mind. From your first dealing with us, you'll immediately feel comfortable that you and your technology infrastructure will be well-handled.

You get the picture.
We can, of course, be just like everyone else.
But we're not.

Honesty, quality and a commitment to service.
At Forest Computers, this is our promise to you.