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Forest Private Backup

Don't store your data on a cloud - hide it in the Forest!

Ask yourself one question - Do you know where your data is?

With our private backup solution, you'll never have to wonder again.

Sure, services like iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox are convenient, but once you upload anything to those services, you have lost positive control of your data. This means you no longer have any clue where exactly that piece of data resides physically, nor what legal rules may apply to that file depending on its location.

Our Forest.on.Line Private Backup solution is easy to use, secure, and ensures you know exactly where your data resides! We ensure your data never leaves the boundaries of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. We NEVER replicate your data to other countries. We house your data in our secure data center, located right here in Winnipeg.

We offer powerful features such as automation, scheduling, versioning and encryption, built right into the client software. So if you made a horrible mistake two revisions ago, or you need to be 100% certain that your sensitive data can only be read by you even though it's stored at a data centre, we offer you all that control.

Our client software also supports open-file backup using the built-in capabilities of your operating system, ensuring compatibility. As well, we offer MS SQL, MySQL and Exchange plug-in capability! We're also completely cross-platform too, supporting Windows, Mac, Linux/UNIX and BSD.

What does complete peace-of-mind cost these days? $10 a month per workstation and 50GB of space or $25 a month per server and 100GB of space. That's it. You also get support directly from the people in charge of the servers running the service. Local, right here in Winnipeg.

For more information on pricing or to sign up, please call (204) 956-6590 or e-mail backup@forest.ac.

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