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Our services

Our Services

Expert Troubleshooting

No matter what it is, if we can’t fix it, we know who can! We are often tasked with solving the most complicated issues that others have failed to solve – leverage our expertise to diagnose and correct any technological challenge.

Technology Management

Full remote and on-site services available for all of your technology, on-demand or on contract, including efficiency consultation. Let us review your monthly expenditures and leverage our partner relationships to save you money.


Server installation, configuration, management and optimization, on-prem, co-located in our very own data centre, or cloud hosted. We will custom build and configure to your specifications using the best of the best available components, or help you design an order from HPe or Lenovo, two of our trusted partners.


Conventional desktop, thin client, tablet, specialized builds – we do it all, with only the best quality components. One of the first builders to implement Solid-State boot drives in workstations back in 2008, we know what is truly required to ensure performance and longevity. 

Network Infrastructure

Installation, configuration, management and optimization including structured cabling, wireless (on-prem and PtP) and secure VPN infrastructure.


Including PBX and VoIP, new installs and legacy system support, internally and with our trusted partners.

New Client Efficiency Reviews

Our experience allows us to think outside the box, and offer innovative solutions for all your technical challenges.

Private and Hybrid cloud solutions

The functions of the cloud without being in the public infrastructure of giant foreign tech companies

Co-location options

You can lease a portion of our climate-controlled data centres for your equipment. Let's talk about the advantages for your specific circumstances.

Online Presence

We offer full website hosting, design services and online presence management through Forest On-Line Marketing Solutions.
Hosting packages start at $20 per month, but hosting can be arranged specifically for your needs and/or your wants. You want IIS, a particular flavour of Linux or a private server?
Of course! We offer hosting platform customization.

E-Mail Hosting

Advanced messaging services using either MDaemon or Microsoft 365 – including provisioning, migration and support. Our platforms include advanced anti-spam, anti-virus, MFA capability and account hijack detection and prevention.

InfoSec & Protection

Our security offerings are based on best-of-breed solutions from SonicWall and Trend Micro. We have in-house forensic experts for incident detection, incident response and perimeter defence. From on-demand consulting to real-time ongoing protection, we can design a solution tailored to your specific needs. Our secure, locally-hosted on-line backup protection service provides complete peace-of-mind.
We use state-of-the-art on-demand encryption technology and full data sovereignty availability.  

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Free Consultations

Our CTO will personally meet with you to better understand your business and workflow. We’re not here to change how you do business – we want to improve your processes through the use of efficient and secure practices, optimization of what you currently have, and we’ll suggest improvements where we believe it to be necessary. We will then provide you with a complimentary written report and quotation.

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Implementation of your custom-designed solution may take a few hours, up to a few days. No worries, we are used to working in small spaces with little daylight and can do so on your schedule, while you are running your business in the background. 

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Follow-up and Maintenance

After the installation is done, you are not on your own. We are always available for any follow-up questions you may have.

In case any further additions are needed, or maintenance is required, we are only a phone call or email away. You can also choose from our proactive monitoring and management options, to ensure we’re already fixing something before you even know it’s becoming a problem.

Managed Services offerings

The packages below are options

We are willing to work with any clients, large or small, and design a solution specific to their individual needs, not one-size-fits-all. Talk to us! 

Level 1
Per Month
Daily Backups and server monitoring
Weekly restore testing
Advanced server-side anti-virus
Off-site data protection up to 50 GB
Access to billable remote support
Level 2
Per Month
All of the Level 1 services plus:
Firewall updates and management*
100GB Offsite Backup
Advanced Firewall Security
Monthly firewall reports / statistics
*Yearly commitment required
Level 3
Per Month
All of the Level 2 services plus:
Brand-new firewall hardware of latest class every three years*
250GB Offsite Backup
20% discount on billable remote support
*Yearly commitment required
Level 4
Per Month
All of the Level 3 services plus:
Upgrade backups to 2TB Datto instant disaster recovery system (1.2TB useable)
Includes protection of server every 60 minutes, 5-minute spin-up recovery on-prem or in Datto's data centre
Automatic ransomware scanning and mitigation
3 year commitment required
We Create Solutions For Your
Organization & Business!
We are hyper-focused on quality. It is the core of our being and our guiding principle. We have never been the cheapest, but we like to say we’ve always been the best.