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Sometimes all is not lost

Sometimes all is not lost

Last blog, I wrote about the importance of quality.

It’s -so- important to consider quality in all things! What we purchase, what we eat, how we spend our time (that most precious of all resources we simply can’t buy more of!) – you get the idea. Sacrificing on quality can be one of the worst decisions that can ever be made. I like to say that thoughtful and skillful experience breeds quality work. You can have many years of experience, but if that experience has been consistently doing the “wrong” things, it’s worthless.

Since so much of our lives are now digital, and we rely so heavily on that technology, it becomes ever more vital to invest in quality. However, should the unfortunate happen, as can even happen to quality devices, it’s important to realize that sometimes all is not lost. We have had so many clients over the years come to us, absolutely beside themselves because they’ve had a technological fail that has cost them precious data. More often than not, the loss that hits the hardest is personal data, like photos and videos. Business data, while important, for some reason is simply not as preciously regarded, though is backed up more readily at a surveyed ratio of almost 10-to-1!

This particular metric blew my mind. While companies at least give data backups some consideration, private individuals simply don’t consider what might happen to their precious memories if their hard drive crashes. That being said, in recent years there are much easier options to achieve this automatically with various cloud storage methods – however, those have limits, and a lot of people are still not keen on trusting their private photos with the almighty public cloud (which is a topic for a later blog…)


Let’s tie this all together now; quality also matters when it comes to choosing a technology provider. We have successfully recovered countless amounts of data that were determined by other providers to be irretrievably lost. In some cases, this data is indeed personal photos and videos. In another case however, this data was medical histories of thousands of cancer patients, deemed irretrievable by technical “experts” – but we were able to affect a full recovery. Of course for obvious reasons I cannot divulge details regarding that last one, but suffice it to say that particular incident garnered us some positive notoriety in medical circles.

We encourage everyone to get a second, even a third opinion if you’ve been told that something can’t be done, or something can’t be retrieved. Even if we’re the ones giving you the first opinion, feel free to get more! We always encourage comparison because we know exactly how we’ll measure up. 🙂

In my next blog, I will talk more about how not all “experts” are created equal…

Take care,

..We encourage everyone to get a second, even a third opinion if you’ve been told that something can’t be done, or something can’t be retrieved