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Small Business Support


Thomson House Clinic


Computer Network


Winnipeg, Manitoba

It doesn’t matter to us how big or small a client is, we are happy to share our experience and talent. We do work for a large number of home-based businesses and organizations with fewer than 5 employees. They need support just as much as companies with hundreds of employees and their tech needs to work just as well – perhaps even more efficiently as expenses need to be more tightly controlled. Once such client we recently assisted is Thomson House Clinic, a group of research doctors. Unfortunately, technology firms seem to automatically see dollar signs in their eyes when they quote the medical industry, but it is so important for us to be fair and reasonable across the board, no matter the industry.

We were able to leverage their existing equipment, upgrade where necessary, and bring them to a much more efficient system while working closely with their staff to support their workflow, rather than forcing something unknown upon them.